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Then… and Now!

Susan Boething 1928-2010
Susan Boething

Cathy, Sally, Haydi, and Marji
Cathy, Sally, Haydi, and Marji

John Boething 1918-2007
John Boething

As the daughters of John and Susan Boething, we grew up working in the family business. It was founded by our parents in 1952 and is affectionately known as the 'fifth child'. Our parents were pioneers in the field of horticulture. They produced plants that to this day are enhancing homes, offices, and boulevards with nature’s irresistible beauty. In the early years few knew the importance of trees and shrubs in our industrialized world. John and Susan Boething were passionate naturalists who understood the emotional and physical significance of being surrounded by nature’s beauty. Our love for this business comes from a place deep in our hearts, forged by the years of shared family sacrifice that is required to nurture a growing business. We are proud of the beauty that our trees and shrubs provide.

Today, under third-generation ownership, Boething Treeland Farms supplies projects and nurseries both large and small with an enthusiastic devotion to quality and customer satisfaction. With our ten farms and over 1,200 varieties we believe landscape contractors, architects, and garden centers alike can find no better supplier for their businesses.

Plants Are Our Passion

It is our mission to enhance the quality of life through plants.

We hold true to the old-fashioned values that have guided us for over sixty years.
We believe in knowledge, experience and excellence in customer service.
We will always strive to be known by those we serve as honest and fair.

Our Plant Professionals

Boething Treeland Farms has spent six decades refining its plant palette and the best practices for nurturing them. Our growers include certified professionals in all fields of plant science and have been educated both in the classroom and the field bringing a variety of experience and knowledge to our team. Growing is an art and a science that requires frequent adaptation to changing weather and local conditions. Because our 10 growing grounds are located in different regions of California it allows our plants to be acclimated to a variety of conditions. We pride ourselves on innovative growing techniques that produce the finest plant material available. Because 90% of what we grow is propagated in our own facilities we have complete control over quality and availability. We design and create custom soil mixes that are specifically targeted to the needs of individual plant species. Our plants are micro-irrigated at carefully timed intervals so that plants can be kept appropriately hydrated without waste. We also utilize integrated pest management practices (IPM) to minimize the application of pesticides while maximizing the health and vigor of our plants.