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Ficus microcarpa nitida 'Green Gem'

Green Gem Fig
  • Plant Type:
  • Tree
  • Evergreen-Deciduous:
  • Evergreen
  • Overall Mature Size:
  • Medium
  • Also Grown As:
  • Column
  • Mature Height & Spread :
  • 30-50' x 30-50'
  • Natural Growth Habit:
  • Rounded
  • Native To:
  • Asia
  • Exposure:
  • Full Sun
  • Water:
  • Medium Water
  • Flower Color:
  • Insignificant
  • Special Features:
  • Attractive Bark, Deer Resistant, Desert Conditions, Seacoast Conditions
  • Container Sizes:
  • #15, 24" Box
  • Sunset Garden Zones:
  • 9, 13, 16-24


An improved version of the old favorite Ficus microcarpa nitida, ‘Green Gem’ has the huge benefit of being unaffected by thrips, a disease that curls leaves which then drop. The leaves are a bit darker than those on the traditional nitida but otherwise they are twins. A lush and very popular evergreen tree, the Ficus microcarpa nitida ‘Green Gem’ makes an attractive addition to the landscape where there is room. Achieving a 25-30 foot height and a 35-40 foot spread at a moderate to quick rate, its lime green new growth is stunning against the older, darker leaves and handsome bark. Densely foliated, it makes a wall of greenery where a hedge is desired but it can also make a nice tree when pruned appropriately. Best in full sun in Sunset Western Garden zones 9, 13, and 16-24, it is native to the Indonesian island of Borneo where rainforest is the primary ecosystem. As expected, regular watering is vitally important. It will need consistent shearing or pruning and may be kept to 5 feet with consistent care. It does well in seacoast conditions and is deer resistant.