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Olea europaea 'Petite Olive'

Dwarf Olive
  • Plant Type:
  • Shrub, Tree
  • Evergreen-Deciduous:
  • Evergreen
  • Overall Mature Size:
  • Small
  • Also Grown As:
  • Bush
  • Mature Height & Spread :
  • 4-6' x 4-6'
  • Natural Growth Habit:
  • Rounded
  • Native To:
  • Europe
  • Exposure:
  • Full Sun
  • Water:
  • Medium Water, Low Water
  • Flower Color:
  • Insignificant
  • Special Features:
  • Attractive Bark, Deer Resistant, Desert Conditions, Drought Resistant, Hedge, Screen, Seacoast Conditions
  • Container Sizes:
  • #5, #15
  • Sunset Garden Zones:
  • 8, 9, 11-24
  • Minimum USDA Hardiness Zone:
  • 9


Once upon a time, olives were a species of large gnarled trees beloved for the mounds of fruit they produced in Mediterranean regions. Today, many alternatives allow those who have neither the desire for fruit nor the space for a 30 foot specimen to partake of Olea’s coveted aesthetic. For those in need of an attractive drought and heat tolerant shrub for a hedge or petite standard tree, Olea europaea ‘Petite Olive’ is an excellent evergreen choice. Almost completely non-fruiting and deer resistant with deep green leaves and a naturally rounded shape, this cultivar of Mediterranean heritage allows those with smaller spaces to indulge in the popular look and feel of an olive. Little pruning is required of this slow grower unless the desired shape is that of a uniform hedge or a topiary shape. While it's mature size is 4-6' in height, it can be kept smaller with a little pruning. Given full sun, average to low water and moderately rich soil, it is a lovely stand-alone bush of dense foliage that will thrive inland or at the coast. Sunset Western Garden suggests it for zones 8, 9, and 11-24. Extremely popular in California, Nevada and other western states, Boething Treeland Farms grows it in 5 and 15 gallons.