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Rhaphiolepis indica 'Pink Lady' ('Springtime' ®)

Pink India Hawthorn
  • Plant Type:
  • Shrub
  • Evergreen-Deciduous:
  • Evergreen
  • Overall Mature Size:
  • Medium
  • Also Grown As:
  • Bush
  • Mature Height & Spread :
  • 3-5' x 3-5'
  • Natural Growth Habit:
  • Rounded
  • Native To:
  • Asia
  • Exposure:
  • Full Sun, Partial Shade
  • Water:
  • Medium Water, Low Water
  • Flower Color:
  • Pink
  • Bloom Time:
  • Spring
  • Special Features:
  • Attracts Birds/Butterflies, Desert Conditions, Drought Resistant, Hedge, Seacoast Conditions, Shade Tolerant
  • Container Sizes:
  • #1, #5, #15
  • Sunset Garden Zones:
  • 8-10, 12-24


One of Boething Treeland’s most popular shrubs (and for good reason!) is Indian Hawthorne ‘Pink Lady’.. Durable, attractive, and adaptable, this Chinese native makes a particularly big splash from late fall to late spring when their dark pink flowers burst into bloom. An evergreen known for its dense and lush bronzy new foliage that fades to a glossy dark green, it is an excellent plant for hedge or background use. Large wholesale nurseries like ours are full of shrubs from which to choose but customers come back to Rhaphiolepis time and time again. Its blooms are followed by a small dark blue fruit that is not messy or showy. This variety will retain a 5-7 foot high and wide form that adapts well to pinching to increase density. Left alone, it will have a slightly more open structure. Give only full sun or light shade and little supplemental water once established. Famously drought tolerant, it is a good choice in this water-conscious world. Indian Hawthorne is also well-suited to seacoast placement, is shade tolerant, and fire defensible from 0 to 20’ from a structure. Given an opportunity to please in Sunset Garden zones 8-10 and 12-24, it will not fail to do so!