Abelia grandiflora ‘Prostrata’

Prostrate Abelia

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Plant Type: Ground Covers / Shrubs

Evergreen-Deciduous: Evergreen, Semi-Evergreen

Overall Mature Size: Small

Also Grown As: Bush

Mature Height & Spread: 1 1/2-2' x 4-5'

Natural Growth Habit: Spreading

Native To: Asia

Exposure: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Water: Medium Water

Flower Color: White

Bloom Time: Spring, Summer, Fall

Special Features: Attracts Birds/Butterflies / Deer Resistant / Seacoast Conditions

Container Sizes: #1, #5

Sunset Garden Zones: 4-24

Minimum USDA Hardiness Zone: 6

A Bit More

Named for Dr. Clark Abel, an early 19th century British doctor and horticulturalist, this low-growing shrub does beautifully on slopes or on level ground. This is an easy-to-grow evergreen that is hardy to 15°F. It will be deciduous where temperatures dip below 15°F. With a low spreading habit and a maximum size of 2 feet tall and 5 feet wide, we suggest that you plant them 3-4 feet apart in full sun to part shade in well-drained soil. It will tolerate clay and damp soils as well. Slightly fragrant white trumpet-shaped flowers appear in showy clusters from summer through fall. When the petals drop, they leave lovely red sepals that provide a pop of color in the autumn. New foliage is bronze, matures to a glossy dark green, and may take on a bronze cast again in the fall. It does well where deer are prevalent, in drought conditions and on the coast. Hummingbirds and butterflies are drawn to the flowers.