Agave attenuata

Fox Tail Agave

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Plant Type: Shrubs / Succulents

Evergreen-Deciduous: Evergreen

Overall Mature Size: Medium

Also Grown As: Bush

Mature Height & Spread: 5' x 5'

Natural Growth Habit: Clumping

Native To: Mexico and Central America

Exposure: Full Sun

Water: Medium Water, Low Water

Flower Color: Yellow

Special Features: Attracts Birds/Butterflies / Deer Resistant / Drought Resistant / Seacoast Conditions

Container Sizes: #1, #5, #15

Sunset Garden Zones: 13, 20-24

A Bit More

A medium-sized Agave that will remain at 3-5 feet tall and wide, the Foxtail is so named for its flowers’ resemblance to the small mammal’s distinctive appendage. Clusters of greenish yellow flowers are borne on 10-14 foot long spikes that droop downward from the weight of its burden. Spineless 2 ½ foot long grey-green fleshy strap-shaped leaves are a refreshing alternative to other Agaves’ scary spines and spikes. Popular in containers and water-conserving gardens, it tends to grow best in frost-free inland areas. Reaching approximately 5 feet across, its manageable size makes it well-suited to today’s smaller gardens.